Robert Morris Levine (b. 1994, New York City, NY, USA) is an artist and writer. He pays attention to language: its uses and abuses; its poethics; its politics; its cracks; its futility. He is the editor of Zolo, a publisher of artists’ books. Morris Levine holds a bachelors in Fine Art and Science, Technology, and Society from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was awarded the Society of the College Prize, and a masters in Art from Harvard University, where he copped the George M. McCue Medal.
Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, M.Des., Cambridge, MA, USA, 2021. Art and the Public Domain. Distinction. Gerald M. McCue Medal for “most original and critically relevant research.” Bok Teaching Certificate
University of Pennsylvania, B.A., Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2017. Fine Art; Science, Technology, and Society. Society of the College Prize for distinguished writing. Summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa
Ann Veronica Janssens, Michel François, Ann Veronica Janssens & Michel François, forthcoming
Spending Static to Save Gas, Gabriel Kuri, forthcoming
Mirage, Doug Aitken, forthcoming
Full of Emptiness, Machteld Rullens, 2021
Figures, Lucas Blalock, 2021
Fake News, Wilfredo Prieto, 2021
Julia Rommel, Julia Rommel, 2021
Local Warming, Sebastian Black, 2021
Idea Art for Kids, Mark A. Rodriguez, 2020
Matt Paweski, Matt Paweski, 2020
Branches, Sven Lukin, 2019
Tokyo Private, Harold Ancart, 2019
Sticksville, Marc Breslin, 2019
El Topo y la Tetera, Gabriel Sierra, 2019
Baby Comet Face, Yann Gerstberger, 2018
Diary of a Senseless Work, Beatriz Gonzaléz, 2018
Philosophy from B to Z, B. Wurtz, 2018
Harvard University Libraries, Writing Tutor, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2019–2021
Harvard University, Department of Art, Film, and Visual Studies, Teaching Fellow: Studio Language (AFVS231), Adrian Williams, Cambridge, MA, USA, Spring 2021. Guests: Anne Boyer, Hanne Lippard, Katherine Kinzler, Maria Fusco, Rachel Reese, Rupal Patel, Sable Elise Smith, Sharon Hayes
Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Teaching Assistant: Methods of Research in Art and Design (ADV9662), Krzysztof Wodiczko, Cambridge, MA, USA, Spring 2021. Guests: Gautam Bhan, Gediminas Urbonas, Malkit Shoshan, Miru Park, Somayeh Chitchian
Harvard University, Department of Art, Film, and Visual Studies, Teaching Fellow: Studio Language (AFVS231), Nora Schultz, Cambridge, MA, USA, Fall 2020. Guests: Adrian Williams, Charwei Tsai, David Joselit, Gabriel Kuri, Scott Cameron Weaver, Sohin Hwang
Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Teaching Assistant: Art, Design, and the Public Domain Proseminar (VIS2482), Krzysztof Wodiczko, Cambridge, MA, USA, Fall 2020. Guests: Ani Liu, Azra Aksamija, Blackspace, Jackson 2Bears, Jill Magid, Ken Lum, Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar
Breakthrough Collaborative, Teaching Fellow, New York, NY, USA, 2015–2016
Title Medium Dimensions Year  ↓
Walead Beshty Interview 4,322 words 2021
Machteld Rullens, Full of Emptiness Book 21 × 29 cm, 192 pages 2021
Tombstones Single-channel audio, conventional 100lb hooks, conventional 50lb hooks, conventional 30lb hook, steel 30lb utility hooks, Hang-Straight Hook (patent #5069412), security wall brackets, Hangman Softy Heavy Duty Frame Hanger, heavy-duty cleat hanger, pro brass hook nail, walnut, 26-gauge zinc-plated sheet metal, hygrometer 520 × 338 × 280 cm, 31'32" 2021
Hanne Lippard Interview 1,638 words 2021
Exchange rate boards, single-channel audio 127 × 101 × 8 cm, 2'54" 2021
Ryan Foerster Interview 1,653 words 2021
Accidentally, which happens sometimes Three-channel audio and video 20'45" 2021
Freely Espousing: James Schuyler, Surveillance Poetry, and the Queer Otic Essay 4,445 words 2021
Wilfredo Prieto, Fake News Book 20 × 30 cm, 272 pages 2021
The Right to Silence Essay 4,391 words 2021
Sebastian Black, Local Warming Book 22 × 30 cm, 124 pages 2021
Furtive Ground Single-channel audio and video, field recordings, IBM Watson 6'25" 2021
Julia Rommel, Julia Rommel Book 24 × 31 cm, 288 pages 2021
Jill Magid Interview 3,281 words 2020
Francesco Pedraglio & Tania Pérez Córdova Interview 1,684 words 2020
Art and the Public Domain Class 12 weeks, 15 students 2020
Qualis Artifex Pereo (what an artist dies with me) Teleprompter, found poetry 46 × 178 × 46 cm, 11'00" 2020
Studio Language Class 12 weeks, 7 students 2020
Dorothée Perrett & Oscar Tuazon Interview 1,465 words 2020
Charwei Tsai Interview 1,825 words 2020
Koenraad Dedobbeleer Interview 2,117 words 2020
Mark A. Rodriguez, Idea Art for Kids Book 27 × 24 cm, 96 pages 2020
Gabriel Kuri Interview 2,006 words 2020
Lucas Blalock Interview 2,097 words 2020
Matt Paweski, MP.19 Book 22 × 29 cm, 200 pages 2020
Sven Lukin, Branches Book 22 × 28 cm, 124 pages 2019
Marc Breslin Interview 1,822 words 2019
Harold Ancart, Tokyo Private (Un Roman Photo) Book 18 × 25 cm, 208 pages 2019
Ann Bobco & B.Wurtz Interview 2,885 words 2019
Marc Breslin, Sticksville Book 14 × 21 cm, 112 pages 2019
Ari Marcopoulos Interview 808 words 2019
Gabriel Sierra, El Topo y La Tetera Book 19 × 26 cm, 92 pages 2019
May Castleberry Interview 3,020 words 2019
Yann Gerstberger, Baby Comet Face Book 24 × 30 cm, 232 pages 2018
Di-agnosis Essay 8,154 words 2019
Aegolius verizon Essay 529 words 2018
Beatriz Gonzaléz, Diary of a Senseless Work Book 23 × 30 cm, 128 pages 2018
B. Wurtz, Philosophy from B to Z Book 22 × 32 cm, 108 pages 2018